Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Success of Team Building Events

Teambuilding is a structured process of taking a group of people (and teaching them to appreciate the differences each brings to the table and learning to work as a united group. When work groups learn to appreciate differences, they become a cohesive team and are able to meet goal objectives in a more efficient way.

Team building is important because it provides a support structure for the organization and creates an environment where team members feel involved and valued.  A healthy, functional team environment fosters creativity which is critical to a growing, thriving organization.

It is important that every team has a sponsor – a person who provides the team with the goal and the resources needed to accomplish the goal.  The team also needs a strong team leader who helps direct and keeps the team to task. Every organization is heavily dependent on its workforce for growth and performance, and the more the employees interact and work in close coordination with each other at the workplace, the healthier it is for the company. There has been a paradigm shift in the corporate sector, where the performance of large departments is evaluated in terms of the performance delivered by the smaller teams within such departments. Therefore, it is very important to keep these teams encouraged and contented so that the overall performance level of the organization improves, and team building events are a great way of doing this.

Team building events are organized for various purposes. These events are a great help when a new project is to be kick started or new employees are to be inducted. However, team building events can also be held every now and then to ensure that employees stay constantly motivated and share excellent inter-personal relationships among themselves. Taking up challenges and coping with constraints in these events helps employees to bond and improve their teamwork skills.

An event is a good place to try and out other thoughts and concepts of how to function together as a team. With events it is essential to utilize play and fun to illustrate the crucial nature of building teamwork and communication in the business environment. 

An effective team building event like Team Amazing Race or cooking Team building are an eye-opener for an employee, as he realizes his importance in the company, while the management also takes notice of the good work done by an employee and appreciates him for that. Team building events make participation an inspiring experience by offering lots of creative activities for members such as special games, cultural programs, and goal oriented discussions.

These events are great occasions to highlight the achievements of individual employees and at the same time educate them in an entertaining way so that they can have a successful future in the company by performing better. The employees can come out with a greater sense of satisfaction, encouragement and direction.
Under the present threat of recession, where employees are in an uncertain and frustrated state of mind, team building events can really uplift their morale and instil more trust and commitment to company goals. Organizing team building events is generally the responsibility of the HR department of the company, but companies can also hire the services of specialized agencies that can arrange such team building events.

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